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Microchipping Your Pet

Give your pet the best chance of returning home with a microchip.

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Wellness Exams

Keep up to date with regular wellness exams for your pet.

Make an appointment for your cat or dog.

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Recovery Begins Here

We provide conditioning and rehabilitation for pets

who’s quality of life is affected by age, disease, or injury.

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The Marcy Vet Clinic has a pet groomer now.

Pet Grooming at Marcy Vet!

Marcy Veterinary Clinic Cares

The Marcy Veterinary Clinic is situated in the heart of the Mohawk Valley in the friendly town of Marcy, NY. We offer a full range of health-related services, including preventative care, diagnostic and surgical services, an in-house laboratory, x-ray and ultrasound services, and rehabilitation and conditioning therapy (for those animals recovering from injury or illness). Read More.

Dental Care

Place your pet’s dental health in good hands. From at home dental care advice to regular dental checkups, we’ve got you and your pet covered – tooth to tail.


Whether it’s blood work or x-rays, our expert team ensures that no rock is left unturned when it comes to your pet’s health. Let us help you stay on top of your pets health care.


Our highly trained veterinarians provide the best surgical care possible. You can rest assured your pet is provided expert surgical care for all their surgical needs.

Pet Microchip

A missing pet can be a dreadful experience. At Marcy Veterinary Clinic we provide microchipping services to help ensure your pet comes home safe & sound.


We offer a full pharmacy to provide your pet with the medicine and supplements they need at our location. You can also check out our dental care products.

Therapy & Rehabilitation

If your pet requires post or pre-surgery care, we offer several therapy and rehabilitation services. Check out our underwater treadmill & laser therapy options!

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