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After Hours Services

02 Mar New After Hours Services

You and your pet’s needs are important to us and we understand that when your pet is sick, their care becomes top priority. At Marcy Veterinary Clinic, we are improving how we care for your pet every day, providing around the clock care to animals staying with us and an after hours answering service.

24 Hour Clinic Nurses

24 Hour Nursing StaffMarcy Veterinary Clinic has 24 hour clinic nursing staff for our in-house patients. Our wonderful staff is available to provide around the clock care to pets staying in our Marcy clinic, ensuring your furry family member is never left alone or goes without supervision. When your pet is recovering or being monitored overnight for any ailment or condition, you can rest assured that your pet is being comforted and tended to by our overnight staff. You can also check with with your pet around the clock with our after hours answering service.

After Hours Answering Service

We understand how busy your schedule can be, so when our doors close for the day, Marcy Veterinary Clinic is still available to you.
Our after hours answering service provides:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Prescription refill requests
  • Progress reports for animals staying over night
  • Referrals to Emergency Clinics (large animal & small)

Calling after hours? Our phone number is the same! Call (315) 570-6760 to speak with our night clinic nurses.