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Testing for Intestinal Parasites

23 Aug Testing For Intestinal Parasites

One of the components of the annual physical exam is a fecal analysis for intestinal parasites. While some of the parasites our pets may have can be visible to the naked eye, many are only viewed as eggs through the microscope. The adult worms in the pet’s intestinal tract lay these eggs.

When we receive the sample, a portion of it is mixed with a solution designed to make the parasite eggs float, placed in a centrifuge tube and spun for 8 minutes to separate the contents of the tube. We then place a coverslip on top of the tube, wait for 5 minutes and transfer the coverslip to a slide for viewing under the microscope.

If no eggs are seen, we report the sample as NOS or “no ova seen”. If eggs are found, we identify the species of worm they are from and dispense the appropriate deworming medication.Keeping your pet free from intestinal parasites improves the overall health of your furry friend. Next time you come in to the clinic when you hand someone a bag of poop, expect a smile and a “thank you”.

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