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Take Your Dog to Work

22 Jun Take Your Dog to Work

Leaving our beloved dog(s) at home while we head off to work every day is something none of us enjoy. Fortunately, there is National Take Your Dog to Work Day this upcoming Friday, June 24th!

Did you know there are healthy benefits to taking your dog to work? A recent study by the Virginia Commonwealth University shows that having your pup in the workplace helps to reduce stress and create a more enjoyable atmosphere for your co-workers.

Dogs in the workplace

Bringing your pet to work seems like a lovely idea and has stress relieving benefits; there are several things to consider in order to ensure that you, your dog, and your co-workers have a good, productive, and safe Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before Friday:

Does your work allow it?
Is there anyone at your workplace with a fear, dislike or allergy to dogs?
How and where will you bring your pet to relieve themselves?
Do you have an area for the pet to relax and enjoy him or herself?
Does your pet have good social behaviors?
Will bringing your pet to work stress out your dog?
Is there a contained space to place your dog (such as an office or gated area)
Do you have a place to put a water bowl and toys to occupy your dog?
Are other co-workers bringing in their dogs?
Will you be able to stay with your dog or do you have meetings to go to?

Are you planning to bring your dog to work this Friday? We welcome you to share you photos and experiences with us!