Preventative Dental Care

Dental disease in cats and dogs is extremely common but when left untreated, can lead to dangerous health conditions. While a dental health exam is included as part of your pet’s regular exam, the best pet dental care starts at home. Prevention is always the best medicine. With these tips below you can prevent a routine dental cleaning from becoming an oral surgery (where teeth need to be removed) for severe dental disease.

Toothpastes & Toothbrushes

Using an enzymatic toothpaste along with a pet friendly toothbrush or finger brush can help reduce bad breath and stop plaque buildup. We recommend that you brush your pet’s teeth daily if they allow. This is easiest when introduced at a young age. We carry a variety in clinic for your convenience.

Drinking Water Additives

Animals should always have access to free choice water. If there is concern with dental health, your veterinarian can guide you to our recommended dental water additives. These products are great for  maintaining good oral health and will freshen your pet’s breath.

Dental Chews

Treating our pets to a special snack can be fun, but not all treats are the same. When dental health is a concern, choosing treats and chews created with enzymes that help loosen tartar and prevent plaque are a great option. These neat treats are great for after brushing or on days when brushing isn’t possible. You don’t have to tell you pet that it’s healthy!

Dental Support Pet Food

For some patients, it is recommended to feed specially formulated food designed to support your pet’s dental health by reducing plaque, stains, and tartar buildup. These foods are veterinary prescribed.