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Helping your pet stay healthy

Our Pharmacy Is Here For All Your Pet’s Needs

Our pharmacy supports all of our services that require medication for your pet. Whether your pet requires medication for daily use, for recovery from surgery and dental procedures, or even rehabilitation support – we have you covered from snout to tail.

Ask us about medication for your pet such as what we recommend for flea and tick treatment, antibiotics, pain medication, supplements, or even medicated shampoos during your pet’s exams. Give us a call – prescriptions ready for pickup in 24hrs!

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Pet Medication Types

Depending on what your pet requires, your veterinarian may prescribe different types of medication. The type of medication your pet receives depends on the dose, route of administration they can have, which is most effective, and how many times a day they must have their medication.

Pills and Tablets


Liquids and Suspensions



Creams and Ointments

Giving Your Pet Medication

At Marcy Veterinary Clinic, we will always do our best to make sure you are comfortable in administering medicine to your pet at home. Follow these three basic rules when giving your pet any type of medication to ensure the best possible outcome for both you and your pet.

1. Check With Your Vet

Marcy Veterinary Clinic Pharmacy

The first major rule of giving your pet medication is to never to give your pet medicine that hasn’t been approved or prescribed by your veterinarian. Many medications made for humans are unsafe to give to your pet. If you are concerned about a type of medication or have questions on what to provide your pet, call us to discuss your options.

2. Follow and Read The Instructions

Marcy Veterinary Clinic Pharmacy

The second rule is to always follow the instructions provided to you by your veterinarian and on the label. Making sure your pet’s medication is given properly will allow your pet to get the maximum benefit from their medication and help reduce any issues.

3. Monitor Your Pet

Marcy Veterinary Clinic Pharmacy

The final rule is to keep an eye on your pet after you have given them their medication. Even if your pet is on a daily use medication or a flea and tick treatment, you should monitor your pet for changes in their behavior such as their eating and bathroom habits. If you are concerned about something with your pet – call us.

If you are struggling to administer a certain type of medication to your pet, notice a change in behavior, or simply have a question about medications that may or may not be safe for your pet – give us a call at 315-570-6760.