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Frequently Asked Questions About Puppy Socialization

If you are considering adopting a new puppy, you should know they will need proper socialization to learn how to handle new experiences. Our team at Marcy Veterinary Clinic wants to help by answering frequently asked questions about puppy socialization. Question: What is puppy socialization? Answer: Socializing your puppy involves introducing them to numerous new [...]

Protecting Your Pet from Parasitic Diseases

Parasites feed on animals and people, and some can cause serious health issues in pets. Our team at Marcy Veterinary Clinic wants to help by providing information about parasitic diseases that can affect pets, and how you can protect your four-legged family member. Heartworm disease in pets Dirofilaria immitis (i.e. heartworms) are parasitic roundworms that [...]

What Pet Owners Should Know About Arthritis

If your pet seems to be slowing down, they could be suffering from joint pain. Arthritis commonly affects pets, but initial signs can be difficult to discern because many pets instinctively hide vulnerabilities. Our Marcy Veterinary Clinic team wants to help by providing information about how arthritis affects pets, and treatment modalities for managing the [...]

The Truth About Allergic Pets

Many factors can cause your pet to have an allergic reaction, and allergic pets can be difficult to manage. Unfortunately, some common beliefs about pet allergies are untrue, and your pet cannot get the care they need if you do not know the truth about the condition. Therefore, our Marcy Veterinary Clinic team wants to [...]

Addressing Behavior Issues in Puppies

Puppies are precious, but they can exhibit unwanted behaviors, and have to be taught to behave appropriately. This learning process can be unsuccessful if you don’t take the right steps. Our team at Marcy Veterinary Clinic wants to help by providing information on how to address certain behavior issues, to ensure your puppy becomes a [...]

The Importance of Regular Wellness Screenings for Pets

Regular wellness screenings can protect your pet from disease, and increase their chance to live a long, healthy life. A veterinary professional’s annual evaluation is a vital part of your pet’s health care plan. Our team at Marcy Veterinary Clinic wants to provide information about regular wellness screenings and highlight the importance of these evaluations. [...]

4 Steps to Chews-ing Your Pet’s Dental Care Plan

After a long workday, coming home to a wagging tail or a comforting purr is one of the benefits of having a four-legged companion. Many pet owners also enjoy slobbery smooches from their pet, and it’s likely you have turned your head away at times because of their unpleasant breath. While a lot of pet [...]

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