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The Importance of a Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship

Many online services offer veterinary advice remotely. However, to receive a diagnosis and get medications to treat your pet’s condition, you must participate in a veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR). Our Marcy Veterinary Clinic team wants to ensure your pet receives the best care possible, and we provide information about this necessary relationship. What is a veterinarian-client-patient [...]

Protecting Your Pet from Household Dangers

You think your home is a safe place, but many household situations can be dangerous for your pet. Our Marcy Veterinary Clinic team wants your pet to be safe and sound at home, and we explain potential household pet dangers and offer pet-proofing tips to mitigate your pet’s risk. Toxins are a household pet danger [...]

What Does a Professional Veterinary Dental Cleaning Involve?

Smelly breath may indicate a serious health problem for your pet. Dental disease is common in pets, affecting about 80% of dogs and 70% of cats before 3 years of age. A professional veterinary dental cleaning most effectively addresses the condition, so our Marcy Veterinary Clinic team explains what these procedures involve and why they [...]

Protecting Your Pet from Winter Weather Threats

New York winters can be brutal, and preparing for cold weather and ensuring your pet is protected from potential hazards is vital. Our Marcy Veterinary Clinic team wants your pet to be toasty warm and safe when the weather turns dangerous, so we explain potential threats your pet may encounter this winter and ways to [...]

Quality-of-Life Assessment Guidelines for Pet Owners

Unfortunately, our pets cannot live forever, and knowing how to assess your pet’s quality of life (QOL) is important as they enter their senior years. To learn how to navigate this difficult time, follow our Marcy Veterinary Clinic team’s pet QOL assessment guidelines.  Assessing your pet’s quality of life You love your pet, and you [...]

FAQs About Pet Cancer

No pet owner wants to think about their pet and cancer, but each year, millions of dogs and cats are diagnosed with various cancer types. While these increases are concerning, advances in veterinary medicine are allowing pets affected by cancer to live longer. Early detection is key to improving your pet’s prognosis, so our Marcy [...]

What Pet Owners Should Know About Pyometra

Pyometra is one of the most common reproductive emergencies affecting pets, and can have life-threatening consequences. Our Marcy Veterinary Clinic team wants to provide information about pyometra and explain how you can protect your four-legged family member. Pet pyometra basics Pyometra—Latin for “pus-uterus”—is a uterine infection that results from hormonal changes in the female pet’s [...]

Fun Cat Facts

Cat videos are an unending source of entertainment, because these fascinating creatures possess some impressive traits. While you may appreciate that your cat is unique, you may not realize how interesting they are. Our Marcy Veterinary Clinic team wants to help you understand your amazing cat by offering fun facts about your feline friend. Fun [...]

Frequently Asked Questions About Puppy Socialization

If you are considering adopting a new puppy, you should know they will need proper socialization to learn how to handle new experiences. Our team at Marcy Veterinary Clinic wants to help by answering frequently asked questions about puppy socialization. Question: What is puppy socialization? Answer: Socializing your puppy involves introducing them to numerous new [...]

Protecting Your Pet from Parasitic Diseases

Parasites feed on animals and people, and some can cause serious health issues in pets. Our team at Marcy Veterinary Clinic wants to help by providing information about parasitic diseases that can affect pets, and how you can protect your four-legged family member. Heartworm disease in pets Dirofilaria immitis (i.e. heartworms) are parasitic roundworms that [...]

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